Referees are always needed!

Referees are a critical component to SASC. It is a great opportunity to earn money while learning valuable skills/life lessons. SASC will do everything possible to support, encourage, and protect our referees, as we cannot continue as a club without a steady pipeline of new refs each year!

Game assignments for SASC are managed by the SASC Assignor. Games are assigned based on experience. New referees will start as Assistant Referees (AR) for the younger divisions and work up to older divisions/Center Referee (CR) assignments with experience. New referees will be paired with experienced mentor referees whenever possible. 

Please review this link for full details on how to become a PA West certified referee. Once you are certified, obtained you can referee with SASC or other local clubs in league/tournament play as your schedule allows. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the SASC Assignor, found on our Board Members page. 

Referee Certification/Recertification

If you, your child  or someone you know are interested in signing up to become a PA West Referee, please visit: PA West: Referees

Register as a new user and sign up the for a new referee class.

When you are registering, just below the section where you input your address, please be sure go into the Home Association section and select Somerset Area - this is important so that the referee administrator always knows what club to send your referee badges to. 

The cost of the class is determined by PA West.  After completing the class, SASC will reimburse you for half of the certification cost. After completing 2 seasons of refereeing with SASC, SASC will reimburse you for the other half of the certification cost.

Obtain Your PA Required Clearances:


At the completion of the program, you will receive your United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Referee badge and you will be registered as a  Referee. As a Grade 8 Referee you will be allowed to referee youth recreational (i.e. In-House) and competitive (i.e. Sunday Travel and Classic Club) matches. Your contact information will be shared with the referee assignor for your Home Association club, though we encourage you to contact them directly to get scheduled for matches.

Referee Uniform

Before you work your first game, you will need uniform, black shorts with pockets (not player shorts), black socks with three white stripes, all black shoes (turf, cleat, or running - your choice), watch with a count up chronograph, whistle, flags, cards, paper, and pens. Please do not use a basketball or track style handheld stopwatch or a whistle on a neck lanyard. 

You should be able to find gear in person at Officially Sports and online at Dick's or Official Sports International ("OSI").  The uniforms at OSI are the standard. Be careful if you are shopping in person at Officially Sports or online at Dick's that you do NOT buy the college/NISOA/PIAA/High School/Football uniforms.  You need the USSF style uniforms. 

Referee Resources